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Glulam (glued laminated timber) beam

There are many manufactures but there is only one Glulam beam

Glulam beam is a modern and advanced constructing material that allows to build durable and beautiful houses in a short period of time. The birthplace of Glulam beam is Finland where the reliability of glued constructions has been proven by the bridges which were built a couple centuries ago.

A house without flaws

Nowadays Glulam beam doesn’t have any rivals among wall materials, used in building a wooden house. The Severnaya Izba Glulam beam has all the advantages of solid timber – high durability, “breathing” quality and heat conservation. Constant ventilation is provided by horizontal and vertical gluing of lamellas. The technology of joining lamellas together has an international patent and follows international standards. This beam became most popular among our customers in Russia, Germany, Austria, Denmark and Finland.

Characteristics of a house built from Glulam beams

Minimal shrinkage

Glulam beam doesn’t crack and warp due to humidity change and is mould and fungus resistant. A wooden house built from Glulam beams practically doesn’t have any shrinkage (1-1.5% of a house height). Thus, you can start finishing work right after the walls are put up, which considerably reduces building period.

High fire resistance

High fire resistance is an important feature of Glulam beam. If ignition occurs, char layer prevents fire from spreading into the beam. According to the degree of fire resistance Glulam beam is equal to concrete.

Environmentally friendly constructing material

Is a wooden house built from Glulam beams environmentally friendly? Certainly! During the process of gluing beams together we use high quality two-pack glue created by the Belgium and Dutch concern AKZO NOBEL on basis of processed wood. This adhesive provides strong con-nection of joints without cracks and apertures.

High surface quality

Thanks to smooth surface, absence of cracks and deformations and precise geometric form Glulam beam stands out against other materials. It doesn’t require sanding – it is smooth, which considerably reduces expenses at the stage of finishing work.

Designing opportunities

Severnaya Izba produces beams up to 9 meters long which allows to implement wide variety of architectural ideas, impossible when using solid wood (which standard length is 6 meters).

Profile and sizes

The Severnaya Izba Glulam beam has a wide range of standard sizes and profiles which help bring to life constructing ideas of any complexity:

2 types of Glulam beam profile

  • EuroLine – the most popular profile among our customers. A special form allows to make TRIPLE heat insulation between grooves, which helps save money on heating. Such profile is recommended for building a wooden house for permanent living.
  • EasyLine (“Comb”) – this profile is recommended for building a wooden house for seasonal living and for other architectural forms.

The 4 main sizes of Glulam beam (H x B):

  • 200 х 120 – is used in building small architectural forms and partitions in a wooden house.
  • 200 х 160 – is used in building wooden houses for seasonal living (country houses, cottages), small architectural forms, inside walls.
  • 200 х 200 – is used in building wooden houses for permanent living.
  • 200 х 240 – is used in building wooden houses for permanent living.

Comfortable for everybody

Severnaya Izba production technologies allow to simultaneously use up to two standard sizes of Glulam beam during building of a wooden house. For example, outside walls can be made out of 200mm x 200mm beams and inside walls – out of 160mm x 200mm beams. It will help save considerable sum of money without quality loss.

Having difficulty making a choice? Severnaya Izba specialists will always help you to make the right decision.

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