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Materials for a wooden house

Severnaya Izba offers safe constructive solutions and quality materials for your dwelling or country house. Among the wide range of projects we can find one that suits your house or summer cottage. During the design process we offer both traditional and individual solutions of a construction task. At your choice the future wooden house could be built from Glulam (glued laminated timber) beam, profiled beam (solid wood) or machine-rounded log. Every wooden house gets a Certificate of conformity to international environmental standards.

Leave a claim and we will suggest a material for your future house.

  1. Breathing Glulam (glued laminated timber) beam – a perfect material choice for your future wooden house that doesn’t crack, warp and has accurate geometrical sizes. Breathing Glulam beam is unique and produced only in Russia by Severnaya Izba, which is confirmed by an international patent.
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  2. Profiled beam (solid wood) – this material is most popular among our clients. A distinctive feature of such beam – the absence of glued component during the production of a wooden house. House walls could have minor cracks, typical for wood. The material maintains precise geometrical sizes.
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  3. Machine-rounded log – an environmentally friendly material for a wooden house of cylindrical shape. Components of a wooden house have a round shape, giving it an unsurpassed traditional look and individuality.
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