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The house from the real wood

Since 2001 our company has been producing and building high quality wooden houses from Vologda boreal forest timber. We make high demands of our production: our raw materials, as well as completed wooden houses comply with all European quality standards.
In order to build a wooden house properly, fast and cost-efficiently, without turning it into a neverending construction project or “a headache”, Severnaya Izba specialists developed their own unique algorithm that helps them work effectively and meet all of our clients’ demands. We also took foreign experience of our partners from Germany and Finland.

As it is known, the process of building a wooden house is labour-consuming. The time has gone when wooden houses were built haphazardly. Specialists of our company have a big experience in building wooden houses. We got to the new level by implementing modern technologies. Today we boldly declare – a wooden house by Severnaya Izba is a high quality and high-tech engineering construction which meets progressive standards.

The Richness of Vologda Forests

The Vologda forest has been famous for its unique features for ages – not only in Russia but also abroad. Wood masters have been passing their knowledge from generation to generation. Why is a wooden house so good?

  1. Ecological compatibility – natural growing circumstances and absence of chemical plants around keep environmental indices of Vologda timber at a high level. Timber is a natural product that doesn’t bring harm to human health.
  2. “Breathing” houses – natural materials of a wooden house maintain perfect oxygen balance and an optimal humidity. It keeps warm during a cold winter and cool during hot summer.
  3. Reliability – the specific climate in which Vologda forests grow makes the timber reliable and fragrant. Severnaya Izba houses are built only from timber which is not older than 100 years: such timber doesn’t lose it’s characteristics in excessively dry or humid weather.
  4. Heat emission – high durability and a low rate of heat conductivity make wooden houses the warmest and that’s why they are so comfortable. For example a 150-300mm log will give warmth to your house like a 500mm brickwork.
  5. Aesthetic qualities – Vologda fir and pine trees have very good aesthetic qualities that give an individual design to a wooden house.
  6. Simplicity of processing – timber is much easier to handle than other constructing materials taking into account weight and processing.
  7. Absence of draughts – during the process of putting up a house all slots are thoroughly caulked.
  8. Seasonality doesn’t influence building process, while brick and concrete houses are not built during winter.
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