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Wooden house from Russia

We achieved great results being in construction business for 13 years. We can be proud of: modern house collection with a thought out design and infrastructure, durability and ecological compatibility of components, high level of heat savings and efficiency. Enumerated facts – are high standards which are followed during the process of building every single house. You trust, happiness from living in the house and well-being – are the most significant things for us.

Our distinctive features:

  1. Huge experience – our company is one of the biggest in producing and building wooden houses in Vologda region.

  1. Well-qualified specialists and workers who create masterpieces in wooden house building everyday.

  1. High quality materials – our own production allows to store up solid mass and use the best sort of Vologda region’s timber.

  1. A full wooden house production and construction in Vologda region.

  1. Big choice of materials which will satisfy every customer.

  1. Ecological compatibility – we use only the best and environmentally friendly materials and natural components during construction.

  1. Durability – houses built from Vologda’s timber are some of the most reliable, Vologda seeks to be the center of wooden house building in Russia not without reason.

  1. Big energy savings – just build a house is not enough, it’s important to maintain it afterwards! Energy consumption in our houses is 20-25% less than in similar houses of other companies.

  1. Technologies and innovations – houses are built according to European standards with the strict observance of all the rules on every step of designing and constructing.
  2.  Affordable prices – the price-quality ratio is so balanced that not a single ruble is wasted. We guarantee the final price for production and construction of a wooden house after the working project is developed.
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